“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.” – Jim Rohn

It’s Monday. How many Mondays have you said you were going to start something new? You probably don’t even remember because there have been so many:

  • -“I won’t eat sugar this week.” (Yeah, that lasted all of two hours, right?)
  • “I’m going to workout every day this week.” (Walking on the treadmill while chatting counts, doesn’t it?)
  • “I’m going to drink a gallon of water a day this week.” (Wait, did I say a day? I definitely meant a gallon a week. I mean I can’t be in the bathroom every ten minutes.)
You get my point…
     I’m Saje Cox, your not-so-average twenty four year old who grew up in the gym. Literally. My parents were both gym owners and body builders when I was younger. You know what the couples who are on the front page of fitness magazines look like? Yeah, that was what my parents looked like. My “average” isn’t quite so average. I grew up around people with beautiful bodies who worked out every day, ate healthy, and also taught me everything there was to know about it. When I was 13, I taught my first class at my Dad’s gym to a group of kids a few years younger than me. Three years later, at the age of 16, I was teaching a “Little Black Dress Boot Camp” at my Moms gym to a group of eight women. I loved it.
     Growing up with the average woman you saw looked like she could step on stage at any moment, can mess with your self-confidence quite a bit when you are thirteen year old, 5’3, have a “ghetto booty” (as everyone always told me), and then of course that wonderful “baby fat” pudge on your lower belly. Did I love myself? Yes! But I also obsessed over wanting to look like these perfect women that I saw so often in my parents’ gyms and at body building competitions. My love for exercise comes from knowing how to have fun with it and seeing it as a hobby or a stress-reliever rather than a punishment for hating your body. Women, we are our own worst critics.
Here I am ten years later…
     So many women have told me that they are scared to go to the gym, don’t know what to do in the gym, or that they can’t exercise because it hurts their knees. I have created an online fitness challenge that women can participate in from the comfort of their own house as well as a free womens’ support group where women can band together to uplift each other, educate each other, and encourage each other. My challenges are only $19.99 per month and include an accountability partner, access to a private group with a workout video posted five days per week, support from an amazing group of women, access to ask me questions anytime, a nutritionist who offers personalized meal plans, and videos to teach you proper form. My goal is to reach as many women as possible at an affordable cost while also teaching the value in health. You are worth more than a $10 gym membership that you don’t use.
     I want to teach women to love their body and each other, that exercise doesn’t have to be intimidating or boring, and that it is a good thing to take care of yourself- FIRST. People set unobtainable goals rather than steps to get there. If we switched out the “no sugar” goal for “less sugar,” doesn’t that sound a bit easier? You have to take baby steps to get where you want to be. I want to teach women how to set a goal that can be reached, not one that needs a do-over every Monday. I want to teach them how to continue rather than to continue starting over. Most of all, I want to help women love each other instead of seeing each other as competitors. Nobody ever wins that competition.
We rise by lifting others.

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