Rest in Peace

Am I the only one who finds it odd that when we hear “rest in peace” we automatically think about death? Maybe it is because we are taught to think peaceful rest is something saved for the end of your life. Well, it shouldn’t be. Peaceful rest isn’t something to save for the afterlife.

I’ve been laying around the house all week, have only left once since (sinus surgery) Tuesday, have done no dishes, and have not folded a single load of laundry. Normally the thought of that would send my anxiety into automatic overdrive; but, you know what? It feels AMAZING. Sometimes our body (and mind) needs to rest. We go and go until we are exhausted, we sleep for a few hours, then we are at it again. If you’re constantly running on a half-full tank, you can’t give your best to ANYONE. Listen to your body. Stop pushing your body to the limits at all times. Think about a racehorse- if it’s made to run in every single race it’s likely to tire out more quickly, perform subpar, and will be retired sooner than later. Nobody wants to be the worn out horse. A horse that rests between races and only competes in the most important races is going to perform better and will be able to compete for many years. Your body is no different. Take care of it.

What would happen to everything that’s on your to-do list if you ended up in the hospital? Oh shit. That’s scary isn’t it? But guess what- the world will not end if you take a break, take a vacation, or get sick. Sure- things may run bumpy at first, you may get a little behind, but you may also find that other people don’t mind helping you and will probably be shocked at the number of people who offer to help. I know, the thought of allocating things to other people can be scary because nobody can do it as good as yourself, right? Wrong. You may realize that once you have someone helping you, you’re able to spend your time on the bigger things instead of racing from one small thing to another.

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably remember I talked about solitude a couple of weeks back and unplugging from technology. I wasn’t saying to take a break from your phone so you can get more laundry done, commit to more activities for the kids, or anything for anyone else. I was saying to unplug and take time for YOU. Taking care of yourself is not being selfish. Get out of that mindset now. You will actually be able to do more for those you love when you are taking best care of yourself. Funny how that works, right? Now try it. Rest in peace. That surgery you’ve been putting off, dream vacation you want to take, or even the lazy weekend spent in your undies with dirty hair- you should do those.

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