My 5 Favorite Tennis Shoes

I’m what one might call a tennis shoe connoisseur. I keep at least 4 pairs on rotation at all times because I need different shoes for different activities. Being a personal trainer, I am on my feet all day long so I need a shoe that is comfortable and supportive. For different types of activities I wear different kinds of tennis shoes. I mean you wouldn’t wear stilettos to a wedding in the grass. Same thing. One thing I stay consistent with when it comes to tennis shoes is the brand. Adidas have quickly become my all time favorite, although I used to be a Nike girl. This might have something to do with former Nike designers working for Adidas now. Clients ask me ALL the time what shoes I recommend and there is no one size fits all answer, so let’s get started.

Adidas 24/7 Trainer

First on the line up is the Adidas 24/7 Trainer. I used to swear by Nike Free Trainers but I’m now a loyal lover of this trainer. I actually just ordered them in two more colors. I wear these to train clients and to do HIIT workouts. The molded sock liner was designed to help speed up recovery post workout. They’re supportive but not constricting which is important to me when I’m in a shoe all day. They’re flexible and super light so they’re easy to wear for long periods of time. The tongue can be worn open for a more relaxed fit or folded over and then laced more tightly when you need it more snug. I have extremely flat feet and these have never made my feet sore, which is amazing. If you need more ankle support when you jump, I wouldn’t wear these for HIIT training because of the lower rise. I recommend these for walking, standing on your feet all day, and any workouts (except for running).

adidas_eqt_racing_adv_black_white_pink_by9794_a_002 (1)

Next up we have the Adidas EQT Support ADV. I saw these online and scrolled past because they did not look cute or comfortable. When I saw them in the store, I HAD to have them- so they definitely look better in person and on than they do online. These are extremely supportive for your ankle which I really like. I prefer a flat shoe that makes me feel grounded when I do my lifts, which this one does. I’d definitely classify these as a lifter. I’ve been wearing them to do my heavy lifting and was quickly impressed. These are a little on the heavier side so I wouldn’t wear them for any running or jumping. With a sock-like fit, they’re not loose and your feet don’t slip around. I recommend these for lifting and anything where you need more ankle support and less cushion.


Adidas nailed it with looks on the NMD-R1 Primeknit but I honestly can’t say I love them for anything besides that. If you need a shoe to rock with leggings, these are for you.  The price tag is pretty high on these but they come in tons of prints and colors which is nice. I have really narrow feet so these slip around on me because they’re a little on the wider side. They’re extremely light and the sole has a lot of cushion but they look like they’d be more comfortable than they actually are. If you have a wider foot they might work for you, but these just don’t really do it for me. I wear these when I’m in the airport or traveling and occasionally to train clients, if they match my outfit.


The Adidas Ultraboost is last but certainly not least. In my opinion, these are the less trendy and more practical version of the NMDs that we just talked about. I’m not much of a runner but on days I do sprints, these babies come out to play. They fit snug but not too tight, are supportive, have plenty of cushion, and are light weight. I wouldn’t recommend these for heavy lifts because of the amount of cushioning. Clients have a tendency to roll their ankle when they wear running shoes to do weight training. Because they are for running, they are more snug as I said above but I want to stress that. As I said earlier, I have narrow feet… even with my narrow feet these are too snug to wear for long periods or time, but they’re extremely breathable which makes them perfect for running or plyo days.

Just because a shoe works or doesn’t work for me, does not mean you’ll love or hate it as much as I do. I recommend trying shoes on and “testing” them before you buy them. I’ll leave you with a few things to keep in mind when finding the perfect tennis shoe:

  • Trainers are best for HIIT, walking, and lifting but often have more cushion than your lifters would. These are your go-to if you need a good shoe for all activities.
  • Running shoes work best for running specifically.
  • Lifters are flat and don’t provide cushion but they help to keep your feet grounded during lifts.

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