Get My Look: Photoshoot Makeup



I’m the weird girl who wants to do her own makeup for photoshoots. Maybe it’s because I rarely wear makeup and hate looking “over the top” for a shoot because that’s not my style? Who knows. Either way, I know that I have a tried & true routine for my makeup when it comes to photoshoots that works perfect for after the shoot as well. For those of you who don’t know much about my skin- I’m a naturally tan olive base, oily in the T-zone, and have a pretty clean complexion and even skin tone. If you want to mimic my go-to look, follow these steps:

  1. Prep. Wash your face with your cleanser of choice & then use a toner to balance the PH. (This is important if you have oily skin and are prone to foundations oxidizing on you- which I am.) I use a Glytone Cleanser and Renee Rouleau Elderberry Soothing Toner.
  2. Prime! This step is SO important. I use Passport to Beauty’s Goji Berry Blurring Primer and its the holy grail of primers. (It’s also perfect for days you don’t want to wear foundation.)
  3. Now it’s time for foundation. I’m OBSESSED with Kat Von D’s foundation (I’m 49 N). It doesn’t transfer, never oxidizes, and matches my skin tone PERFECTLY.  I love that it’s also not overly matte, yet isn’t shiny. I use a Beauty Blender to apply this all over my face, skipping only my eyelids. I add a bit of Passport to Beauty Bronzing Elixir with it to give my skin a glow. (I also use this all over my body and the color is RIDICULOUS.)
  4. Next up is bronzer. I LOVE the bronzer that comes in the Wet n’ wild contour kit. It’s not orange or red- which most bronzers are on me. I apply it on my cheek bones, sides of my nose, edges of forehead, and edges of my face. (Basically anywhere you want to create a shadow.)
  5. Eyes are next and I keep it pretty simple. I use MAC Expensive Pink in the crease and any nude color as a base on my entire lid. I line with Urban Decay Perversion liquid liner and keep it on the outer edges (with a subtle cat eye, of course). Add a little highlight under your brow bone & you’re golden.
  6. My mascara routine has been the same for YEARS and I’ll never change it. (I’ve been using R+F Lashboost & my already long lashes, look AMAZING.) I use Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer and then Maybelline Falsies Mascara on top. The trick is to do one eye at a time and don’t let the products dry while applying until done.
  7. My brows are micro bladed (Shoutout to BRASH in Birmingham, Alabama) so it doesn’t take much for them to be PERFECT. I use Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in “Ebony” and fill them in slightly.
  8. For my lips, I love nudes. My go-to lip liner is MAC “Oak.” I line my lips with it and come in towards the middle just a bit. Next, I apply Smashbox Ombre Nude lipstick (Heaven sent) and then top it off with MAC “C-Thru” Lipglass.
  9. Spritz a bit of Makeup Forever Setting Spray and you’ve got a look that will last all day and night!


I did the look live in my ladies-only Facebook group and I’ll include the link to that here incase you want to watch me do it step-by-step.

If you re-create this look, be sure to tag me so I can see!



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