Beach Essentials

It’s Summertime and I’ve got a few essentials for beach trips. If you love being outside and enjoying the weather, you’ll love these products as much as I do.

  1. Body Sunscreen. Smells delicious! e2da2ac033d60709632f39d1d517c897_best
  2. Face Sunscreen This stuff is AMAZING. It goes on like a serum with a matte finish, which means it’s perfect under makeup or worn alone.85bd2effc90eba37df9a1a7843316791_best3. Vitamin C&E Cream Put this on EVERY DAY under your sunscreen in the morning. It keeps your skin from throwing up pigment when in the sun! Nobody wants hyper pigmentation. It’s worth every penny, I promise. 51FE+rNrmEL._SY679_4. Sunshield. No, it’s not a welding helmet! Gone are the days of burning up with a t-shirt over your face to keep the sun off. I wear mine all the time and I’m obsessed. It’s actually really comfortable and keeps you so much cooler in the sun. 813JUaYVZYL._UX679_5. Slides Every girl needs a pair of slides. I’m not one to splurge for the Gucci ones, I’m more of an Adidas girl, myself.58808a22e290e231f952e9ce86349bbc_best6. Nude Flip-Flops Obviously, you understand the importance of these.7cff56d20fc6edc79918fe03931e9b22_best7. Lip Balm Nobody wants crusty lips. 71oZUwAtfcL._SX522_8. Beach Bag Who doesn’t want a gold insulated beach bag with a cute quote?!fb4d47e376ba21d6bb7b58cfef2b06e4_best9. Comfy Beach Chair You know the struggle of being uncomfortable in a beach chair if you’ve got boobs. Not with this chair! I love mine. 71xAfpvxVbL._SL1500_10. Waterproof Speaker If you’ve not invested in a nice speaker yet, it’s time. This one is waterproof and sounds great!48b6d4a8f2a7b564a6f863c3d8f888bc_best11. Cutoffs I’ve been a One Teaspoon lover for years. If you’re not quite ready to invest in them, grab these from BDG instead. b60b9f8301e80b9a4d815aae5332f6c8_best12. Phone Case Nobody wants to have to carry a wallet to the beach. This case has a spot for your cards & ID on the back. It’s even got a strap so you can wear it if you go out! a2a89c227029975f0c42c3aa949e9365_best

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