I’m not bored- so please, don’t break up with your girlfriend.

Is anyone else extremely irked by “break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored”? If you’ve not reeeeeally paid attention to the lyrics– you should. It’s sad because this mindset is actually real & many females portray it, while it’s NOT one that should be celebrated.

Ladies, do better.

If you’re bored, you need a hobby or a job- not another woman’s man.
If you’d stand with other women instead of envying them or trying to hurt them, you’d be AMAZED at how your entire life will change.
If you hate a woman because she has something you don’t- whether it be a man, job, bag, house, car, or anything else- you need to work on YOU, boo.

Babe, find your own man instead of trying to take someone else’s because you think you’d be a better fit.
This isn’t The Bachelor, & you’re not even a contestant in his life.
While you’re busy trying to catch his attention, his girl is probably sitting on the couch with him laughing at you. If he’s studying you while he’s got a woman, is that really the guy you want?
There’s a reason you’re always the “side chick” not the “main chick” & struggle to keep a man.
It’s not them, it’s you.

Learn to love yourself & your fellow women, not the man you wish you had.
I’m just here to tell you the truth, sis.
You’re worth more than you think- act like it.


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