Easy Skincare for Guys

I’m all about taking care of your skin regardless of whether you’re a 18 year old boy or 50 year old woman. Having a younger brother, I’ve always kept him stocked up on skincare that’s easy- because I know he isn’t going to spend 30 minutes on it or hundreds of dollars. Now that I’m married, I do the same for my husband & his skin looks amazing. While some people need other products for more specific skin concerns, I love this basic routine to keep skin clear, hydrated, and skin tone even.

This is my handsome husband, Ben. He’s 34. Doesn’t his skin look amazing?!
  • Wash your face with this every night before bed. You may peel a bit at first, but that’s normal. In the mornings, just rinse your face with cold water. (This bottle lasts Ben around 4 months, so you’re only paying around $10 a month for face wash when you break it down. Your skin is worth it.) Ben’s skin tone has improved SO much since he started using this cleanser- all of the hyper pigmentation (dark spots) are gone and the milia (tiny white bumps) are gone as well.
  • Use this moisturizer after cleansing at night, if needed. (It’s great to use after shaving your face.) This lasts over 6 months because a little goes a long way.
  • Don’t forget to put on sunscreen every morning after rinsing your face. I love this one because it’s not greasy, leaves no residue, and doesn’t smell like sunscreen. (This is the most important step!)

Three steps? Yep.
Don’t you love it?!
The face wash is a holy grail product and works magic. If you have issues with dry skin, be sure you are drinking plenty of water. If your body is dehydrated, your skin will be too.
After you try the skincare routine, be sure to tag me or message me so I can hear how it’s worked for you!

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