The PERFECT Lip Color

I feel like my search for buried treasure has just ended. (Please excuse the car selfie with the seatbelt. I was so excited that I didn't even care.) *cue angels singing* **now imagine me screaming this** I FINALLY FOUND THE PERFECT LIP COLOR! I feel like I would be breaking a weird girl-code if I … Continue reading The PERFECT Lip Color

10 Minute Photoshoot Make-Up

I love a simple makeup look. Sure, getting ultra-glam is fun every now & then; but, a natural look with a pop is a MUST HAVE! This look took me less than 10 minutes & I'lll be keeping it on the rotation for my shoots. For how I styled my hair, be sure to check … Continue reading 10 Minute Photoshoot Make-Up

Get My Look: Photoshoot Makeup

    I'm the weird girl who wants to do her own makeup for photoshoots. Maybe it's because I rarely wear makeup and hate looking "over the top" for a shoot because that's not my style? Who knows. Either way, I know that I have a tried & true routine for my makeup when it … Continue reading Get My Look: Photoshoot Makeup